Our pinball machines: Alligator, Hi-Lo Ace, Top Score, Haunted House, and Addams Family.

It's all my brother's fault. Really. I never thought I would have my own pinball machine, until the day he called and told me about the auction. Read all about it in The Alligator Story.

[Alligator] The Alligator story -- How we got
our first pinball machine.

The IPD entry for Alligator (German)
and Gator (USA version).

[Hi-Lo Ace (IPD pic)] Pieter's 30th birthday present.

The IPD entry for Hi-Lo Ace

[Top Score] My 1999 Xmas present to myself -- a Gottlieb Top Score.
I'm currently fixing this machine, my progress log includes
scans of the playfield plastics.

The IPD entry for Top Score

Serial number: 07988
Total play counter: 188394 (when received)
Pinkid digitally restores backglasses, one of his projects is a Gottlieb 300, a 4 player version of Top Score.
[Haunted House]
YES! I finally got the Haunted House I've been looking for!
I'm sure I paid too much for it, but, but, but... :-)

The IPD entry for Haunted House.

No, Haunted House isn't the only Gottlieb three level game. Krull
also had three levels. Unfortunately only 10 prototype machines
were ever built. Riffhard has a nice picture. It also wasn't the first
-- The IPD lists Bally's Elektra as a 1981 three-level machine.

  • Stork's Nest Pinball has Gottlieb System 80 info, including replacement driver boards and power supplies.
[Addams Family]

Well, I've been looking out for an Addams Family for quite
a while, finally found this one for not too bad a price. The
machine is well worn, the coin counter read 132158 when
I got it. Let's be kind and assume it was fitted by the very
first owner :-)

The IPD entry for The Addams Family.

Read all about it! The story, the mods, and the dreaded previous owners.

2005-07-03 : A friend phoned, said there's a Gottlieb Royal Guard at the Parow dump. We went there, picked it up, I gave the gate dude R100 and my card, saying "call me next time". Condition is as expected for a dumped machine, no playfield glass or plastics, bent switches, etc. The backbox is complete, and the glass is OK for a 1968 machine. The white and red has mostly flaked off, typical Gottlieb. So for now, this is a parts machine...


6532: I have 6532 chips for sale. Email for info. Note : if you're not in South Africa, there are other sources for these things, I'd prefer to sell locally because of shipping hassles.

Light bulbs
Type Base Additional Info Voltage Current Approx. Wattage @ 6V3 Use Source of information
#44 Bajonet Blue bead 6-8 V 0.25 A 1.6 W All machines Radio Amateur's Handbook
#47 Bajonet Brown bead 6-9 V 0.15 A 1 W Replacement for #44 Radio Amateur's Handbook
#455 Bajonet Blinking 6.5 V 0.5 A Dependent on duty cycle Addams Family backbox (x3) Don Schnapp
#555 Wedge 6.3 V 0.25 A 1.58 W Newer machines Don Schnapp
#906 Wedge 13 V 0.69 A 8.97 W Addams Family flashers Don Schnapp
Locally available replacements
Part Number Base Substitute for Voltage Current Approx. Wattage @ 6V3 Source Approx. Price
DEG015 Bajonet #44 / #47 6 V 0.2 A 1.2 W Avnet Kopp R2.05
DEG110 Bajonet #44 maybe 6 V 0.333 A 2 W Avnet Kopp
N/A Wedge #555 6 V ? ? Indoor Amusements
N/A Wedge #906 12 V ? ? Automotive, smaller than #906
but works well


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Wanted / Wish list

  • Bally Elektra (1981)
  • Bally Fathom (1980)
  • Bally Paragon (1978)
  • Bally Twilight Zone (1993)
  • Bally Xenon (1979)
  • Gottlieb Black Hole (1981)
  • Gottlieb Genie (1979)
  • Any EM (Electromechanical) pinball
    at a reasonable price...