The Addams Family

My brother Pieter was the main Addams Family fan, although I must say that I've become a convert since getting this machine.
It's a classic. Especially if you liked the movie (erm, that's *film* for the people across the pond :-)

I bought this machine (Serial # 20017-593365) for R6000 (US$800-ish) from the junkmail, it's been played a lot, the working
coin counter reads 132158 and there's a disconnected counter reading 59885. Assuming two coins per game, that's still a lot...

Somebody tore the FCC sticker off the back, and the playfield date is illegible, but the coin door sticker reads "Feb 18, 1992".
I later found the torn off FCC sticker inside the cabinet, "92084" = 24th March 1992. Two days after my 25th birthday. Would
have been nice to have a machine made two days earlier :-) (BTW I bought the machine on 2001-03-26)

When I got the machine it would randomly start a new game in the middle of play. I thought it was resetting itself for some
reason, but I later found the problem. Or at least, I know what the problem was, but I can't explain it fully. The left outlane
switch was stuck closed, and I think the combination of this and one of the swamp switches would cause a phantom
"START" switch event. And for some reason, when you press START in the middle of the game, a new game is started. I
consider this a bug in the firmware, but it's there in TAFG LX3 as well.

Before I found the problem with the outlane switch (which I should have checked first, since it was coming up in the error
report), I removed the driver board, resoldered all the molex pins, and made the PinballHQ mods to the driver board just
in case. I also added a few additional jumpers.

I replaced the GI connector on the cable side, the connector was badly burnt.

[Driver Board mods]

Still far from 1.4B, JIM
The machine had L-1 ROMs, I upgraded it to TAFG L-3 and played
that for a while. Got this score one morning, I doubt if I will ever get
there again :-) [Note: I like many things that I am not particularly good
at, pinball is one]

I don't like the "randomness" of TAFG, for example, I got the gold
pinball to reach this score, if the random number generator came up
with some other award the score would have been lower.

I'm currently using standard TAF L-5 ROMs.

ROMSizeType binzipstrings output
TAF L-12 Mbit (256kB)27C020 / 27C2001 af-l1.bin af-l1.txt
TAF L-54 Mbit (512kB)27C040 / 27C4001 af-l5.bin (167k) af-l5.txt
TAF Sound4 Mbit (512kB)27C040 / 27C4001 af-s-l1.bin
TAFG L-3 Export4Mbit (512kB)27C040 / 27C4001 ag-lx3.bin (197k) ag-lx3.txt
TAFG Sound 1.0 U152 Mbit (256kB)27C020 / 27C2001 ag-u15-l1.bin (621k)
TAFG Sound 1.0 U184 Mbit (512kB)27C040 / 27C4001 ag-u18-l1.bin (621k)
Note on downloads: These ROM images are freely available on the net. Not only can you download most of them from
the Williams pinball site, but there are people out there [1] [2] offering ROMs for sale, which is against the WMS license.
So, I don't think I am doing either WMS or the pinball community a disservice by making the images available, after all they are
100% useless if you don't own an Addams Family pinball machine. (Except of course if you want to sell ROMs, and that's
happening already...) If you're a lawyer working for WMS, and you don't think I should have these ROMs here, let me
know and I'll remove them immediately.

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