I inherited this 6800 Single Board Computer from my friend in the Cape Computer Club, Barney. I also got this SWTPC SS-50 chassis which he'd modified with an M68BSC-1 (Bus System Card) two-slot motherboard.

The SS-50 bus supplies 8V to all the slots, and the boards have 5V regulators on them (same as S-100). Barney added a transformer for +12V and -12V as well as regulators since the EXORciser-bus supplies regulated voltage to all the cards.

M68SAC1 datasheet from the 1979 microcomputer development systems and subsystems, from which you will also learn that the M68MEB1 is an M68SAC1 with MEC68MIN2 Minibug II fitted, and is used in the M68ADS Autonomous Development System

The Minibug ROM is a 6830 Mask ROM-- here's the datasheet from the Motorola 1981/82 Memory Data Manual.

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