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Things I feel strongly about

Firearms : Some people hate guns, some people love them. Firearms in the hands of the law abiding public reduce violent crime dramatically. In South Africa, the ANC government is spending billions of rands trying to remove legally held firearms from society, even though legal firearm owners are the most law-abiding sector of society.

We've been fighting the new law for a decade, but that's the nature of gun control. It's all about control, and they won't ever let up.

Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) is a grassroots organisation with one goal : to scrap the new firearms act and to enshrine the Right to Keep and Bear Arms into the Constitution.

If you are looking for cheap gun storage in the Cape Town area, speak to Holy Hand Grenade (me with my professional hat on).


Promote Responsible Net Commerce: Help Stamp Out Spam!

Read more about SPAM at SpamPrimer.com. If your web browser knows your real email address, so does any site you browse. Use a mail program for email, and a web browser for browsing.

Microsoft Internet Exploder... NOT! Nutscrape Navigator... NOT!
Best Viewed with Any Browser
The campaign for a non-browser specific WWW

"Anyone who slaps a  'this page is best viewed with Browser X'  label on a Web page appears to be yearning for the bad old days, before the Web, when you had very little chance of reading a document written on another computer, another word processor, or another network." -- Tim Berners-Lee in Technology Review, July 1996

Things I am interested in

  My blog. The latest entry is Clock Radio Hacking.

[Alligator Logo] Pinball -- Our collection is growing!

We have a 1968 Bally Alligator (a German version of the American Gator), a 1973 Bally Hi-Lo Ace, a 1975 Gottlieb Top Score, a 1982 Gottlieb Haunted House, and, hopefully the last machine for a while, a 1992 Bally Addams Family.

[Galaxian Logo] Arcade Games and Emulators

Play your favourite old arcade games at home.
Build your own arcade machine.
Astound your friends.
Amaze your enemies.
Antagonise your wife. :-)
[Rand-Lover Logo] Series Land Rovers

I have a 1959 Series II 109", which is pretty much my daily driver. I used to have a 1955 Series I 86", and we also had a 1965-ish Series IIA 109" diesel which we ended selling. I recently bought a Series IIA Forward Control.

[1702A] Wouter's Computer Rescue And Preservation

"It was a golden time, a time before windows, a time before mouses, a time before the Internet and bloatware, and a time before every OS sucked. "

[IMAGE] Puma Logo Puma Motor Cars

Built in South Africa and Brazil, based on VW beetle running gear, these little cars are a lot of fun.

  • My homebrew computers. These are little computers I built a long time ago, which taught me a lot about how computers actually work. This information is mostly historical, although I have recently revisited the 6809 design (it never worked, I now know why :-)

[ZS1KE] Amateur Radio: Radio Station ZS1KE since 1990, before that ZR1ACG since 1987.
[Apple Logo] My Apple ][ Europlus Taiwanese clone.
  • Everything you need to know about Robert A. Heinlein -- Science Fiction writer #1 in my universe.

Things I find intriguing

This website places pixels on your screen in order to form text and images, some of which may remain in your memory after you close the page.

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