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I started with an Argonaut 505 with the 405 linear and a 250 PSU, back in 1987. Since then my collection has grown a bit.

In 2015/2016/2017 I got hold of three more Argonaut 505s.

Argonaut 505 Serial #1426 (April 2015, April 2017)

This one is mostly all there but suffers from Dreaded Previous Owneritis.

Front view of #1426

I got this one from Vidi la Grange ZS1EL, then he wanted it back, then he fixed the dial and put it on the air, then he got tired of it, then I got it back again :-)

Argonaut 505 Serial #825 (May 2015)

Front of #825
Back of #825

Also from Vidi. Unfortunately the previous owner applied the power barse-ackwards causing some venting of magic smoke.

It is in very nice nick, however :-/

Inside #825
Inside #825
VFO of #825

I think the previous previous owner used this as a mobile rig (there are mounting holes in the side plates) and that's why everything is secured with this brown stuff.

Lid of #825
Also, tuning must have been funny to need these clearance dents for the front end tuning coil adjusters.

Argonaut 505 Serial #824 (April 2017)

Front of #824
Back of #824

A gift from Vince Harrison ZS6BTY. In very nice nick.

Triton II

I bought a Triton II from the CTARC.

Triton IV

A friend up in Div 6 found a Triton IV with a 252G PSU. It's supposed to be dead, Idunno, I will have to investigate. Serial Number 544-0316.

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