Way back when, when times were less interesting, I played around with EFI a bit. Lately, my life's been turned around somewhat, so... I'm keeping this page up, I might even respond to email on the topic, but I am most definitely not actively doing anything even remotely related to EFI :-)

Bosch Mono-Jetronic

The Bosch Mono-Jetronic EFI was fitted to the 1990-1992 Fiat Uno Pacer SX (1400) in South Africa. This is an alpha-N system that physically resembles a conventional carburettor. The throttle position and engine revs are used to compute the required amount of fuel, which is injected by a single injector contained in the throttle body. The FI controller is 8031 based, with fairly conventional components. The A/D converter chip is not one I know, however.

An alpha-N system only works well when the engine caracteristics are very well known. If you change anything, or if the engine wears a bit with age, the fueling becomes inaccurate.

This is about all I know. We eventually sold the Uno, after replacing the EFI with a conventional carburettor setup.

The Daewoo Cielo EFI System

The Daewoo Cielo uses what I've been told is a standard (General Motors) Delco 808 ECU. (Note -- this is probably not true.) It uses a 32K eprom, and the code and tables are totally different from the ones used in cars produced by GM. The EPROM is in a blue carrier, labelled DELCO BWJT 0723

The Delco 808 uses a Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller. I couldn't find a decent disassembler on the web, so I wrote one, based on a 6809 disassembler I wrote yonks ago.

2000-02-23: Found a copy of the Daewoo ECM wiring diagram.

2002-12-19: Scanned the Electrical Wiring Diagram.

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