I dabble in audio.

Don't take anything I say as gospel, I don't add nearly enough snake oil to my hifi recipes :-)

1964 LP -> 1967 8 Track -> 1972 Cassette -> 1985 Compact Disc -> 2005 MP3 -> 2018 LP

Wouter's page : Audio and stuff

First and foremost, I'm an engineer. I started out building amplifiers and stuff, listening to loud Rock and Heavy Metal, and from there grew into Jazz (not that big a leap, since my father was a great Jazz fan), Classical and Opera. I tend to like the stuff that sound good, with an interesting rhythm. I'm not so much into traditional Jazz or Fusion, but more into Swing and Big Band. I also really don't like dramatic sopranos.



Thorens TD-160 turntable, Shure ME75EJ. Cash Converters, late nineties, R35.

Micro Seiki MB14-ST, Glanz MG-110EX. Facebook Marketplace, 2021-02-19, R2700.

Homebrew RIAA pre-amp and rumble filter based on two ESP designs.

Harman / Kardon HD720 CD player.

HMV 2025

I rescued an HMV-2025 portable record player. Yes, yuck!. It's not hi-fi.

To disassemble, remove the two screws on the back and the two screws on the bottom. Then push the turntable part forward a bit, tilt the back up, and pull out towards the rear.

There's merit in lenghtening most of the wires for easier access.


The seventies and eighties was a bad time for electrolytic capacitors. They get old. Equipment starts acting funny when that happens. Replacing all the capacitors with new (105C) units just makes things better.




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