I learnt that there are two similar-but-not-the-same cabinet styles out there which are easily confused. The first one is the
Galaxians / Pac Man shape, and the second is the Galaga / Ms Pac Man shape. And they are slightly different...

Galaga / Ms Pac Man

These measurements were supplied by Tony Berry (I had a link to his homepage at but that's disappeared and the robots.txt told to not bother with it. Pity.

[Side view] [Front view]
Note: There's a mistake
in this picture, the 24 3/4"
measurement is outside to
[Rear view] [Rear top]
[Rear bottom]

RichyHo built a cabinet based on the pictures above. I caught quite a few tips from his quite detailed pictures -- check
it out, if you can (at the moment it seems to be down).

Galaxians / Pac Man

[unrestored Galaxian cabinet]

Donald Gauck brought it to my attention that Galaxians and Galaga cabinets are not the
same. He sent me this picture (of a game that belongs to Ola Norstmo) to illustrate the
difference in the way the top slopes.

The following pictures come from Andy Stewart, and show the insides of his Pac Man cabinet.
These are all 640x480 (about 85K each).

[Front 1] [Coin Box] [Front 2] [Marquee] [Bezel rail left] [Bezel rail right] [Rear]
[Coin box rear] [Bezel rail rear left] [Bezel rail rear right] [Inside rear right] [Inside rear left] [Inside rear bottom]  
Andy also mentiones that the glass is roughly 21" x 23".

The Ms Pacman manual from (defunct?) gives the following dimensions:

[Perspex PacMan] This picture comes from Saint's Arcade Controls page. It helps me visualise how a cabinet is put together.

My Cabinet

WRMcab side Based on the above information, I came up with this drawing (CorelDraw). I plan to print this out on an Encad Novajet III (1:1) and use it as a template for cutting the sides.

In case you can use it, here's the CorelDraw file (22k) and the DXF file (46k). Please let me know if you are planning to / do manage to build a cabinet using these files.

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