Beginners Short Wave Receiver - R. A. Penfold

This is where it all started. 1976. I was 9. Every month I would walk down the main road to the CNA and buy the Everyday Electronics magazine. At the time it cost something like 85c [1].

Now I firmly believe that at any given stage of your life, there is at least one hugely important thing that you need to learn. You don't know what it is, of course, and sometimes it takes years. In my case, age 9, it was that one should walk before you can run. Since I didn't know this, I attempted stuff which was way outside my capability to make work.

Like this receiver.

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article page 5 [2].

It's a regen, which are notoriously tricky to make work. Not only this, but I picked a Denco #5 coil (10.5 to 31.5 MHz) because that's where the DX is, right? If I had known then what I know now (thanks to Gary WD4NKA), I might, and I stress might have approached things somewhat differently.

[1] The cover price was 50p. These days 50p is pushing R8.50, and you can't get imported magazines for under R50.

[2] Scanned article from the Radio Constructors Circuit Archive where there's plenty more.

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