2m Power Amplifier

Homebrew 2m Amp

Here's a 2m (144 MHz) power (not linear) amplifier I designed and built in 1989. The methodology comes from Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur, a book that should be on your shelf.

The filter on the output is from a Pye or some such, I seem to recall.

Of course these days one would use a spreadsheet to calculate the values quickly. Or at least, I would.

I chose a 2N6081 which is good for 15 W out when driven by 1.5 W, which is about what my walkie-talkie put out.

page one of my handwritten notes

page two of my handwritten notes

To match unequal impedances, the RSGB VHF Handbook gives two networks which it describes as "ideal for transistor input/output tuning networks"

LC1C2 matching network

BTW don't make the mistake I made. I initially used the best trimcaps I could buy, they look like this. And they don't like high level RF at the output at all. Replaced them with some ceramic units salvaged from an old 2m mobile, and all is well.

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