Loading a Lawn Chair -- my first antenna tuner*

This is the tuner I used to tune a random length of telephone wire, running from my room in the Priory to a nearby tree, managing to work the world.

I got the design from 73 Magazine, September 1980 issue -- series L and C to ground.

The capacitor is two sections of 15 - 510pF each, in parallel, for about a nanofarad in total. The inductor is 24 turns of 1" diameter 10tpi (3046?) miniductor for about 5uH (the 73 article uses 360pF and almost 17uH).

* Yes I know it's not a "tuner". I just tend to call 'em that rather than a "transmatch". If Ade can do it, I can do it, so there.

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