Motorola Moxy

The Moxy is a two-channel crystal controlled VHF (136 - 174 MHz) / UHF (450 - 512 MHz) transceiver. Or at least, the PCB accommodates crystals for two channels, my set doesn't have a switch to select the second set of crystals.

The main PCB can be populated with an RF transistor, or like mine the power amp can be a separate module which provides a higher power output. For the VHF models, low is 15 W and high is 25 W. The 15 W VHF models are limited to 150.8 - 174 MHz while the 25 W models cover 136 - 174 MHz -- but not in the same model. There are three (two for 15 W) different capacitor sets for the tuned circuits, and depending on how your Moxy was put together this will determine the actual operating frequency.

I've had my VHF 25W Moxy from back when 144.625 was the packet radio frequency of choice, got hold of the service manual as well... and then never actually got around to using it on packet radio. But it's a good radio for that, there's a connector on the back for microphone, speaker and PTT.

Rx frequency = Rx crystal * 3 + 10.7
Tx frequency = Tx crystal * 9

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