Heatkit HW-32

The Heatkit HW-32 is a 20m-only valve transceiver. Basically the same kit was available as the HW-12 (80m), HW-22 (40m) and HW-32 (20m). You can find the specifications at the Heatkit Museum. Also check out my blog entry.

January 2014: ZS6JPS had this set surplus to requirements and I bought it for R500. It came with the matching HP-23 Power Supply.

One used to be able to find all the Heatkit schematics on BAMA. Unfortunately no more, they were asked to remove it by the current copyright holder.

You can of course ask the Wayback Machine. But it's easier to snag a copy from KO4BB's Manuals Repository. They're all the same in any case -- missing the assembly instructions -- not that one needs that really.

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