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Yaesu FT-DX-400

FT-DX-400 front panel

The FT-DX-400 is a tube / transistor hybrid transceiver for the "old" HF bands, 80m to 10m, AM, CW and SSB. Not that different from the FT-200 really (well, OK, the IF is at 3.180 MHz not 9 MHz). In Europe it was sold as the Sommerkamp FT-DX-500.

4113070 Nothing I can find in JR3XUH's guide applies to this rig. It has 6KD6s in the final, a 25 kHz / turn knob, 11 pin ACC connector, an XF3A crystal filter, and the reostats are on the rear panel. Frobably a fourth edition even if the serial is too early.

It used to belong to ZS1PD who went SK in 2015.

FT-DX-400 top view

Looks OK and mostly complete from the top...

FT-DX-400 bottom view

But the bottom is a different story.

I passed it on to another ham who is giving it some TLC.

[Image] Hit Count hits since 2015-02-27.

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