Rohde & Schwarz ESU VHF-UHF-Messempfänger ESU BN 150021/2

Information: hard to get. has schematics but you need to be a member and signing up involves snail mail.

Desific / Dezifix connectors: hard to get.

So let me capture everything I think I know about this thing.

Gleaned from the glossy, the R&S ESU BN 150021/2 covers 25MHz to 900MHz in three bands, using a plug in front end (HF-Teil 1, 2 or 3). As far as I can tell the main box is a PSU and a 21.4 MHz IF. The two higher frequency plug-in units also have a 76MHz first IF. The output of the plug in module (K5) is attenuated via R498/R499 and goes to front panel K14 to BU24, the Desifix 21,4 MHz output which can be fed to a Panoramazusatz ESUP monitorscope.

There's another IF at 2MHz.

I also have a ESUM HF-Teil II plug-in but no ESUM.

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