Station Radio B47 VHF FM Transmitter/Receiver

From Eldred ZS1DJ, 2014-12-01.

AB4OJ (ex ZS1ZG, ex ZS6XT) notes :

Station Radio B47 was developed for communication between tanks and to infantry, equipped with corresponding man-pack equipment. B47 sets replaced Wireless Sets No. 88 AFV and No. 31 AFV. A complete station comprised Transmitter Receiver B47 with internal vibrator power unit and Aerial Tuning Unit No. 8. Station Radio B47 has a frequency coverage of 38-56 MHz in 181 channels with 100 kHz channel-spacing. The set has continuous tuning with a film scale marked at every channel. Similarly as with the C42/C45, an internal two-stage crystal calibrator and a centre zero tuning meter are used to accurately set each channel. The RF output is 0.5 watt and about 0.01 watt at "low power". The set operates on 24 volts, 12 volt units have been made on a very limited scale.

B47 front view

Mine is serial number 1390. This number appears in a few places, so it looks as if the set is mostly unmolested. I say mostly because the antenna connector is an SO-239, so it's pretty obvious that it's seem some amateur radio use.

B47 front view

The first thing I did was to pull the power supply (this fits into the back side of the case and connects to the transceiver via a plug and socket arrangement). The loose screws on the vibrator cover did not make me happy -- this is one of the first things to be cannibalised. But see the top end of the vibrator can -- it popped off and that's why the screws are loose. The vibrator is where it should be.

B47 bottom view

B47 front view

B47 coils

Should the slugs be so far out on some of the coils?

B47 fuse

The fuse may just be the original though.

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