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Hinge for Galley Door

2012: I started out with a "RV TEARDROP TRAILER GALLEY LID UV PLASTIC PIANO HINGE ( 260324395912 )" that I bought from eBay seller vintek1958 for $16.50. It's a great hinge, it works well, recommended. 2m/6ft/$2.75/ft

However. I made my galley door too heavy (this is hindsight from 2024). And then I fitted gas struts in accordance with Dan's Hatch Gas Spring/Strut Calculator -- specifically, a pair of 150N SA4050s from Struts Africa. They worked well. But it put strain on the hinge and I ended up with a leak in the corner.

So I rebuild the galley door, using a locally available "Centaflex" hinge from Africoach, R684.25 for a 3m length, 2023. Yea idunno, this hinge doesn't really work for me.