Magstripe Reader

Over the years many strange things have come my way. Admittedly this is the consequence of me snagging anything that looks remotely interesting if the price is even half affordable.

Magnetic Card Reader

Case in point, this magstripe reader.

Part Number 2825386

Claims to be a 2825386, but google comes up blank on this. I have no idea who made this thing.

Inside View 1


The actual reader is an American Magnetics Corporation 40-SDAI. The 2825386 part number is probably an assembly number, note the 2824950 on the plastic case and the 2825196 on the shielding plate.

Inside View 2

Intel 2892700

The interfacing is handled by an Intel 2892700 (which I suspect is an 8749) interfaced to a 2892692 (no idea).

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