Historical Info -- my way of life changed so I no longer drive a Land-Rover :-(

Lineup of 3 Land Rovers

Groenie, Spikkels, White LR

I don't drive a Land-Rover because it's a 4x4. I drive a Land-Rover because it's a way of life.

Driving a Land-Rover is fun. Don't believe me, read this posting from the Land Rover Owner Mailing List. (This should also give you an idea of my definition of 'fun' :-)

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Spikkels, the 1959 SII 109"

[Image] Rand-Lover logo This was my first Land-Rover (I had been driving the family Land-Rover for ages but it's not the same...). My brother bought it from a friend in Agulhas (It was grey then, with a red stripe down the side), and I helped him strip it down. He then got kinda busy, so I took over the project. Rebuilding, rewiring, and info on the Chev 2.5 engine here.

Groenie, the 1955 SI 86"

[Image] Groenie in Gansbaai My ex-wife Elmari bought this Land-Rover shortly after we returned from the 50th Anniversary tour. When we split up, she kept the house, I kept Groenie... a fair exchange, I would say :-)

December 2003: I sold Groenie (and yes, I do regret that, but Peter Pan must grow up.

CY7545, the family 1965-ish SIIa 109" diesel pickup

[Image] CY7545 pic Long ago, my grandfather needed a car, and for some reason he decided to buy this Land-Rover. I remember that it was cheap, and that they had to pull it with a tractor, a few times around the barn, to get it started.

My father built the hard-top, making it high enough for him to stand up inside. As you can see, he's a bit of a shortshit :-) (I'm 6'2" and my brother is 6'4"-ish)

We eventually ended up selling it, the hard-top frame was rusting and we just were not driving it enough.

I also had a SII Forward Control for a while, but I never got around to starting that project, never mind finishing it.

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