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My scans from Byte Magazine and Ed Thelen's OCR version. Also, the complete July 1976 BYTE magazine.

Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 20:34:22 -0700 
From: Jim speakeasy  
Subject: Coincident Current Ferrite Core Memories - Author 

Hi Wouter and Ed -

I am a software engineer working at HP in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. A few months ago some engineers
here looking for information on the Web about core memories came across an old Byte article on the subject
written by James R. Jones in Colorado Springs, and visited me to see if I was the same Jim Jones - I am,
and what a pleasant surprise it was to me that you folks have thought it worth while to preserve and post
that article "Coincident Current Ferrite Core Memories" on your sites.

( and

Recently the topic came up again, so I found your sites on the Web, and decided to take a few pictures of
the project that the core stack of the article went into. I got my home brew "OTHER-1" 16-bit minicomputer
out of the attic, wiped off lots of dust, took some photos and posted them at:

The photos include some showing the core stack and associated drive/sense electronics.

I designed/built the OTHER-1 between 1974 and 1976, and used it for a few more years with an ASR-33 TTY,
TV-Typewriter, optical paper-tape reader (manual pull thru, but faster than ASR), and eventually with a
Radio Shack COCO (to back-up my programs to COCO audio tape!). The OTHER-1 had a unique instruction set,
so my programs tended to be small :-). It was "decommissioned" when I got a Heathkit H11 (LSI-11) computer
in 1981.

You are both welcome to use the photos directly (please credit author) or reference my site, if you should
be interested.

[Jim's street address removed -- wrm]

Best Regards,
Jim R Jones
Unfortunately I never mirrored Jim's site, and it disappeared somewhere between 2006 and 2011.

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