Tandberg TDV 2200 keyboard

Company I worked for bought four Siemens MTS 2000 terminals from the University of Stellenbosch a long time ago for testing purposes. (the University had them connected to the VAX I seem to remember). Along the way one of the terminals bit the dust and I kept the keyboard.

Picture of keyboard

Picture of keyboard PCB

Picture of 8035

It has an Intel 8035 with code in a 2716 EPROM (ROM dump). Comms is bidirectional and RS-422.

1 Red Vcc
2 Blue Rx+ 220R terminating resistor 26LS32 - 8035 pin 1
3 White Rx-
4 Brown Tx+ 26LS31 - 8035 pin 32
5 Yellow Tx-
6 Black 0V

RxD goes to pin 1 (T0) and TxD comes from pin 32 (P1.5).

Keyboard Schematic from the Hardware Manual -- This DOES NOT match my keyboard but it's probably close enough. My U2 is a 74LS240 which presumably replaces U2 and U3 in the schematic, U12 and U13 are not on the schematic, and I have fewer LEDs.

The keyboard protocol is documented.

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