Multitech Micro-Professor MPF-1

The MPF-1B can still be bought from Flite Electronics

Sam Bergmans' Legendary MPF-1 pages including hexperiments.

PDF documentation and ROM dumps for the Multitech MPF-1 computer

The Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum

Some day I will research the different versions out there. Hans Otten has pictures of two different versions and neither is the one I have. My one matches the MPF-1B at the Centre for Computer History.

The Old Computer has ROM dumps.

MPF-EPB is a board with four memory devices and an EPROM programmer that connects to the Z80 CPU BUS connector.

Other expansion devices.

My MPF-1

This is my MPF-1, serial number 4229.

One RAM is a Hitachi HM6116, the other a Mitsubushi M58725. Both are 2k x 8.

I figure I should write some code to display the time on the seven segment LEDs, then build the whole thing into a shadow box for display. Of course I'd need a real-time clock, so...

Dallas DS1216

The Dallas DS1216 SmartWatch is a socket that piggybacks a RAM chip. It then provides battery backup to the RAM, as well as a Real Time Clock, using the DS1315 Phantom Time Chip on a little PCB with two batteries and a crystal.

There are/were various versions (B-H) catering for 16 kilobit to 4 megabit devices. I happen to have a C version in my junkbox -- this is intended for use with 6264 (8k x 8) to 62256 (64k x 8) 28 pin devices. But the Micro Professor uses 6116 (2k x 8) RAMs.

The DS1216 is powered from pin 28 (this is the one connection that doesn't connect from the socket to the RAM. Power goes from the socket to the DS1315 and from there to the RAM). Plugging it into a 24 pin socket won't work.

Of course, I've had this SmartWatch since before the Berlin Wall came down. The built-in batteries are flat flat.

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