The Microbox 2020 (MB2K2) Single Board Computer

The MB2K2 is a hardware based emulator built around an Xmos XU216 SoC where each of the 16 RISC cores in the XU216 map onto one of the individual LSI chips in the system being emulated, CPU, PIA, ACIA, GDC etc. The XU216 has 512KB of internal RAM and boots from an external QSPI serial flash device that holds the Xmos firmware and the promdisk for the 6809. As well as the XU216 the PCB includes a battery backed RTC, LEDs and DIP switches, VGA based video out, PS/2 keyboard interface and a USB connector for power and dual high speed serial ports which appear as CDC class virtual com ports to a Windows, MacOS or Linux based host computer.

The project is open source/open hardware and the entire hardware/software sources are on GitHub. With a low cost USB/JTAG interface it's possible to change any aspect of the project.

2020-06-10: Dave says that there are about eight systems out there, and he's been enhancing the system based on feedback received. He's also working on an OS9 port and the intent is to allow FLEX/OS9 to be selected with the spare switch position.

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